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The Pediatric Device Innovation Consortium (PDIC℠) 

We are solutions finders on a mission, backed by the research power of the University of Minnesota (UMN)

Medical device development for children is estimated to lag the adult market by a decade. This innovation gap results in families and health care providers improvising or making due with inadequate products. 

Created in 2011, The PDIC is dedicated to understanding and overcoming the complex barriers to pediatric medical innovation. We engage patients, care providers and innovators to ensure that devices are being developed that can make a meaningful impact in the lives of children.

Goals of the PDIC

  • Identify unmet pediatric medical needs and opportunities for innovation; including unique challenges of care in settings with limited access to medical resources
  • Support the development of pioneering medical solutions that improve care for the pediatric population
  • Form innovative partnerships that advance pediatric device development

PDIC Outcomes

  • Awarded more than $500K in project funding
  • Funded 20+ unique pediatric innovations
  • Licensed 2 technologies to UMN Start-up Companies
  • 1/3 of PDIC projects include collaborations between the UMN and industry or non-profit organizations
  • 1/3 of PDIC projects originated as unmet needs identifyed by care providers

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