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The PDIC was established to serve creators of the very best innovations and solutions for pediatric care, including academic inventors, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. The PDIC helps innovators who have developed pediatric medical devices advance product development efforts.

The PDIC provides guidance for pediatric medical technologies related to clinical needs assessment; engineering and technical product development; regulatory; intellectual property and commercialization. The PDIC also includes product development capabilities and funding programs.

Pediatric Health Innovation Funding Programs

Pediatric Device Development Support Program
The program supports the development of pediatric medical devices, with the goal of improving pediatric patient outcomes and quality of life through technology-driven medical solutions. The program includes expert guidance and funding for direct expenses related to product development efforts. The program must include a University of Minnesota faculty collaborator. Read more

Industry-Academic Collaborative Program
The program encourages collaboration and formation of new relationships between academic faculty and industry or community partners. Cross-disciplinary teams may apply for funding to advance device development efforts. The program must include a University of Minnesota faculty collaborator. Read more

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