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The PDIC was established to serve creators of the very best innovations and solutions for pediatric care. The PDIC provides funding support and expert guidance for funded projects, including clinical needs assessment; engineering and technical product development; regulatory; intellectual property and commercialization.

The following innovators are eligible to apply for PDIC funding

  • University of Minnesota clinicians and researchers with a concept for a new technology or an existing pediatric health innovation

  • Industry or community-based collaborators working with a University of MInnesota partner to advance a pediatric product or service

Additional Details:

Award amounts are based on the needs of the project and typically include between 1 and 3 well defined technical milestones. 

Projects selected for funding meet the following major criteria:

  • There is a University of Minnesota project champion

  • The solution addresses an important, validated unmet need in pediatric health

  • The scope of work aims to develop an innovation that is intended for eventual patient access beyond a research setting (i.e. commercially available or open sourced)

  • Project proposes a novel solution that addresses gaps in current technology

  • Project proposes a logical and feasible scope of work that can meaningfully advance the innovation

  • Support advances PDIC's mission and transfer of knowledge for the public good

Submission and Review Processes

If you believe that your project meets the criteria listed above, you may submit an application through the Office of Discovery and Translation application portal.

The PDIC Management Team will review your Letter of Intent for eligibility criteria and alignment with program goals. Projects meeting these criteria will be invited to submit a funding application, which will be reviewed by the PDIC Management Team and a team of PDIC Advisors. Funding for approved projects may be issued in milestones at the discretion of the PDIC

Typical Review Timelines:

Funding application review ~4-6 weeks

Actual review timelines may vary depending on the number of new submission in review and specific attributes of the project/technology

Project funding is provided by the University of Minnesota, CTSI Office of Discovery and Translation


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